About Us

QuxLabs is a small Consulting and IT-Services company based in Berlin, Germany specializing in the emerging technology of hyperconverged cloud solutions.


The name QuxLabs comes from metasyntactic variables like Foo, Bar and Baz. Qux, however, is the lesser known part of the quartet.


We concept, design and build cutting edge cloud solutions mainly for medium to large cloud service providers or academic organizations.


We embrace Open Source works and release all our code under either GPLv3 or Apache license on GitHub.


That being said, we also have a high expertise in enterprise virtualization and infrastructure products from all known vendors.


We also operate our own infrastructure under AS203038.


QuxLabs UG

Concepting, designing and building cutting edge cloud solutions and infrastructures are our main strength.


We have implemented multiple highly available and redundant IaaS clouds.


Running your own cloud is a very expensive project and design flaws or implementation mishaps can easily render this operation into a nightmare.


We've seen several cloud implementations that were destined to fail, often the scalability on the bare infrastructure will become a problem in the ever so growing IT era.


Being unrelated to any vendor and well aware of the current technology trends, both in commecial and open source enterprises, we always consider only what is best suitable to the customer's needs.



We can help with most virtualization needs, even cloud unrelated ones.


Working with multiple infrastructure aspects in our every day gives us a good view of the many facets in enterprise networks and storages.


We're also no stranger to Linux, all our employees have passed LPI certifications and use Linux on a every day basis. Most even use it on their personal laptop and workstations.


QuxLabs UG
QuxLabs UG

A beauty of being passionate about IT infrastructure is being able to run one's own hardware and networks.


As a result we can offer colocation in our own locked private racks in Stockholm, Sweden and provide IP Services with multiple 10GbE fiberoptic connections.


For more information about our network, please visit AS203038.


Prefer snailmail? No problem!

QuxLabs UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Eisenacher Str. 96,
10781 Berlin